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Got Questions? 
I've Got Answers!

I know many questions arise when contemplating such an epic adventure abroad.  Here are some of the most common ones I receive and if you think of anything else that I missed, do please reach out.  I'm thrilled to support you in any way possible! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Visa for India?

Indeed you do!  The process is quite simple and you can find all you need to know here:


Do you require or provide travel/retreat insurance?

Retreat and/or travel insurance is not required and I do not provide it, but it is highly recommended that you get some, as refunds are not possible after a certain date - and we just never know what can happen when traveling abroad.  Best to be prepared!  And great to get reimbursed if you need to cancel for any reason at all.

Is airfare included?

Airfare from your country to the retreat is not included in the retreat cost.  That is something you arrange on your own, though I am happy to help you if you need suggestions.  Having flown to India many times, I know a few things!

What cities am I flying into and out of?

You will be flying into New Delhi airport and from there you take a short flight to Varanasi - so your end destination is Varanasi.

Your return flight will be out New Delhi airport by way of Dehradun - the Jolly Grant Airport.  Yes, I know.  Very funny airport name for India!

To sum up - from America to New Delhi to Varanasi for arrival; Dehradun to New Delhi to America for departure.

So, it is possible to get a round trip ticket to and from New Delhi and then purchase the two other shorter flights separately - which will probably be most cost-effective, you just have to make sure to time it all correctly.  Again, I am more than happy to support you with this!

How do I get to the private villa?

A transport shuttle will pick you up from the Varanasi airport to take you to our private villa - or, if you have arrived early to explore Varanasi on your own, I can arrange to have you picked up from your hotel on November 2nd.  So nice!

Are meals included?

Absolutely!  We will be eating a minimum of twice daily which includes breakfast and dinner.  Lunch will be taken together as a group on occasion.  I am encouraging participants to eat a bit more lightly given all of the spiritual growth and transformation we'll be doing.  Too much heavy food can weigh us down and make us lethargic.  And Indian food can easily be a bit on the dense side!  Part of what makes it sooo delicious!  Food will be available though, should you desire lunch or a snack.  If you eat outside of the organized group meals, that will be your responsibility.  Gratuities for all group meals in the villa, at the hotel and at restaurants are included as well.  Super convenient!

What kind of food will I be eating?

Indian food is absolute heaven and wonderfully spiced.  There are tons of thick stew-like veggie dishes, always accompanied by rice and naan or similar type of bread.  The curries are exquisite and spicy.  Desserts tend to be rather sweet and addictive - kind of like rich puddings and super-sweet donuts!  People usually love them!  Many places do not serve meat and some cities, like Haridwar that we'll be visiting, have completely banned meat (and alcohol) for spiritual purposes.  That being said, if you are a carnivore, you have nothing to fear - I can pretty much guarantee that you will feel fully satiated on the rich Indian vegetarian cuisine that we'll be savoring!  This is an excellent place to add - do not, under any circumstances, eat the street food in India.  While it may look and smell absolutely delicious, it is highly likely to make you extremely sick.  No joke.  It is not a pleasant experience.  If you take nothing else from this page, heed this!!! 

Is the water safe to drink in India?

Absolutely NOT!  It is always safest to drink all water from a purchased bottle of water and we will be certain to have plenty on hand.  Even the restaurants provide bottled water.  They do not have the infrastructure to provide clean water.  You can also purchase a SteriPEN water purifier which seems to work great if you prefer that.  I am definitely not a fan of creating so much plastic bottle waste and the SteriPENs are a great solution to that!

How much extra money should I bring with me?

For the most part, everything is included in the pilgrimage fee, though you will want extra money to purchase souvenirs, books, any additional meals out that you partake of, anything extra that you might want to do.  Credit cards are not as easily accepted in India, so cash is great to have on hand.  And be prepared to barter with the merchants!  $1000 should be more than adequate for this adventure.  There are of course ATMs available if you prefer to take a smaller amount and just get money when you are there, though things tend not to work the same in India and it isn't unusual for ATMs to run out of cash.  It is a great idea to exchange your dollars for rupees here in The States before you leave, but you can also do an exchange at the airport, though the lines are longer and the fees are usually higher. 

What should I pack for my pilgrimage?

Great question!  I will be sending out a packing list as we get closer to our departure date.

What is the weather like in India?

Expect sun and temperatures in the 80's in Varanasi during the day.  Evenings can drop down to low 60's.  Rain is pretty unlikely, but I have seen it. 

The weather in Haridwar is quite similar to Varanasi during this time of year.  Sunny and warm.  So lovely!

Do I need any vaccines to travel to India?

You do not need any vaccines to travel to India at present.

How many people will be on the pilgrimage?

6 participants and 1 guide for a total of 7 people.  I am intentionally keeping our group small for deeper connection and a very sacred container to do our deep-dive transformational experience.

Will I be sharing a room?

No!  You get your own private room as I feel this allows more time and opportunity for deeper self-reflection and introspection - a very important element of this pilgrimage.

Will I have time to explore on my own?

Yes - there is plenty of down-time built into your pilgrimage so that you can go deeper into your own process, self-reflect, do spiritual practice, or explore the local area.  I want this to be a very personal experience for you, so support your doing what you feel called to in order for you to get the most out of your experience.

How early should I arrive in India?

Our pilgrimage begins on November 3rd, so you will need to be here by November 2nd at the latest.  Accommodations are provided for the night of November 2nd, but if you arrive earlier, you will need to arrange for accommodations yourself - I am happy to help with this and will arrange transportation from your location to our private villa on the 2nd.  Diwali, the sacred 5 day Festival of Lights, culminates on October 31st and November 1st this year, so you may want to arrive early to experience that.  It is pretty amazing!  Learn more here: DIWALI FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS


Are payment plans available?

Absolutely!  Given that each person will be signing up at varying times, we will be organizing your payment plan once you make your deposit and it will be set up to support your individual financial situation.  You are welcome to pay all at once or spread it out over a few payments.  We will discuss together what makes the most sense for all involved.

How can I best prepare for my pilgrimage?

I will be supporting you every step of the way with suggested readings, online community forum, practices to prepare you for your experience and on-going communication.  This is a highly interactive immersion and experience.  Your pilgrimage starts long before our departure date and continues after with the option to join monthly connection circles with your cohort and continue on in the online community forum, as well as engage in an after-pilgrimage follow up session with me, Sadie.  And I am always here to answer questions, offer suggestions, support you in your process.

What happens after the pilgrimage?

As just mentioned, I will be offering monthly online connection circles with your cohort to continue your evolution and connection with each other.  The online community forum will remain available for you as well.  We will have an after-pilgrimage follow-up session for continued support as well.  I am super excited about building and fostering community and I am thrilled to offer continued sacred spaces to support you on your journey.  This is a life-transformation pilgrimage - and that means on-going connection with your brothers and with each other - if you feel called to it!

Did I miss something?  Feel free to reach out via our REGISTRATION PAGE with anything you need support with!  I look forward to serving you!


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