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A Sacred Masculine Pilgrimage to India


An Empowering & Transformational Pilgrimage for Men - Journeying Into the Heart and Soul of Your Sacred Masculine

November 3rd thru 17th ~

Varanasi, Haridwar, Rishikesh - India

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      Long for more intimacy, passion and sensuality in your relationships
      Desire a deeper connection with your spiritual nature
      Are curious about adding spirituality to your sexuality to enhance your intimate connections

      Seek more joy and abundance in your life
      Long for greater ability to more fully give and receive love
      Crave the courage and confidence to make the bold moves your heart is calling you to make
      Yearn to break free from what is holding you back from the life you are here to live

      Thirst for greater wisdom and desire to strengthen your intuition
      Hunger for greater purpose in your life
      Are ready to connect with the true power of The Goddess - of the Sacred Feminine
      Are excited at the idea of exploring some of the most ancient and s
piritual cities on the planet


If You...

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Then come join a small group of like-minded, inspiring men for 15 empowering days of release and renewal in the awe-inspiring spiritual energies of India.  Allow the power of ancient Varanasi, Lord Shiva's city, to transform and awaken you to your true Empowered Sacred Masculine self.  There you will connect with your inner truth, experience a powerful awakening of your passion and purpose, and gain the confidence, clarity and trust you need to liberate yourself from old ways of being  & relating that simply are not serving you! 


To Journey Inward...

Tantra and Transformation 2024 invites you to embark on a mind-expanding, paradigm-shifting, transformational pilgrimage. Our program is based on the philosophy of authentic Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, super-charged with the life-changing spiritual energies of India.  This immersive experience is designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and a powerful awakening of the Sacred Masculine within you - all with the intention of supporting empowered, healthy ways of relating with the Sacred Feminine.  A holistic approach supports body, mind, and spirit in a sacred setting where all your senses will come alive!


The Transformative Spiritual Energies of India

Imagine connecting with like-minded men in sacred brotherhood, all gathered round in circle, the heartbeat of drums and the power of Mother India rising to support your deep transformation and transition.  Aromatic spices and intoxicating incense call you into the strength and power of your body.  Paradigm-shattering scenes and experiences, around every corner.  Vivid color exploding and expanding your mind.  The rejuvenating and replenishing feminine energy of the sacred Ganga river - cleansing away the old, preparing your rebirth into the new.

Connect to a deeper part of yourself and be re-energized in this wonder-filled spiritual setting. Experience a dissolution and expansion of all you have known as you immerse yourself into an entirely new world that challenges and inspires you to look deep within – going beyond limitations, beyond mental constructs, into the illuminating depths of your heart and soul.


The Power of Connection

The spiritual path can be challenging without the support of others.  Tantra and Transformation offers a unique opportunity to connect with your brothers, bond with and learn from each other, and experience the strength of camaraderie of the group.  In today's society, men rarely gather and share in such an intimate way.  Powerful things happen when we do and see ourselves in our fellow men.  In these special moments, we get to witness our strengths and our weaknesses reflected back to us, allowing for epic growth opportunities that simply are not possible when we journey solo.  The Empowered Sacred Masculine recognizes and honors the power of connection – he is not a lone wolf; he is not afraid to share his emotional process. 


I am passionate about supporting us all on this journey and believe in the wisdom of the group. In an intimate setting, we come together to share experience, inspire each other and use the power of our collective energy to foster positive growth within and without. Join us and experience the power of connection.

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The Expansion of Experience

Tantra and Transformation is designed to heal the unhealthy masculine energies that keep men disconnected from their emotions, too judgmental and critical of themselves, feeling separate, disconnected from love and passion.  The healthy Sacred Masculine is grounded, confident, disciplined, courageous, passionate and exudes a powerful presence to all those in our lives.


This pilgrimage provides a strong and powerful container for you to connect with your truth and make meaningful change in your life and your relationships. Through empowering wisdom teachings, energy and sound healing, Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine exploration, embodied practices, writing, yoga, meditation, breath-work, and learning new tools and skills, you'll be guided to become your own embodiment of the Empowered Sacred Masculine - with newfound trust, courage, passion, sensuality, inspiration and so much confidence to move forward on your path.

Our Mission
Our Misson

The Mission

So many men are experiencing major transition right now - breaking free from old paradigms and limitations into new experiences, new passions, and new careers that are much more heart-based and soul-aligned.  They are ready to embrace a new, more expanded experience of masculinity, of relating, of sexuality, of passion.  They are learning to question and push back on the status quo at a deeper level than ever before - and this can be scary - and challenging - and it is easy to feel all alone in the process.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  

Join your brothers as we learn to embrace this evolution and transition with open arms and open hearts!  My mission is to provide a space where men can come to release the old, explore their spirituality in a new way, and reconnect with their Sacred Masculine and Sacred Sexuality.  Your experience in this pilgrimage will instill a newfound sense of confidence in your growth and expansion.  You'll gain greater clarity and greater ability to trust your inner promptings and listen to your heart.  You will leave with a deeper understanding of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine, and of Sacred Sexuality, with a stronger connection to your passion and purpose, and with powerful tools to support your on-going empowerment process and healthier, more nourishing ways of relating.


You'll know your next steps forward and will be free from so much of the old unhealthy patterns and stagnation that have been holding you back from living in alignment with your truth and your passion!  This newfound transformation and empowerment will reverberate throughout all aspects of your life - opening your heart, strengthening your relationships, improving your health, and reigniting your passions - and turning you on to new ones!


The time is now and I am so excited to support you on your journey. 

The Empowered Sacred Masculine is awakening!

A Sight to See


A feast for the senses

20181127_180356 (2).jpg

Release | Empowerment | Renewal

Tantra and Transformation 2024 will help you strengthen your relationships, explore your spiritual potential and awaken the Sacred Masculine power within.  This pilgrimage is designed to help each man rediscover his own inner power and passion, and become more connected with his truth, his inner-strength, his heart and the limitless potential that lies within.


The pilgrimage works twofold.  It is organized to support the recognition and release of old patterns and belief systems that are holding you back, keeping you stagnant and stuck in unhealthy relationship dynamics, disconnected from your passion, your healthy sexual expression, your heart and your power. As you release the old, you will simultaneously be opening to the new - cultivating confidence, courage, empowerment and self-love, all the while helping to create powerful new habits and belief systems that will fuel connection, passion and clarity in all aspects of life. You’ll leave with solid skills and next steps to continue your empowerment, expansion and evolution as you move forward into the next chapter of your life.


This transformational pilgrimage is comprised of very intentional experiences designed to support you to reconnect with your true, authentic self - body, mind and spirit.  Through wisdom teachings, spiritual practice, ritual, adventure, and self-exploration, you will gain clarity and deeper understanding of your own unique Sacred Masculine expression, as well a deeper understanding of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Sexuality.  This pilgrimage will help you break down the walls that have been holding you back and to live a more heart-based, passionate and inspired life.  Get ready to shine brighter than ever.  Join in and feel empowered, connected, and deeply aligned with your truth!

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Retreat Highlights

Pilgrimage Highlights

November 3rd thru 17th


Start each day with a powerful body-mind-spirit aligning practice:

* Connect with the importance of a morning routine and learn empowering daily habits

* Simple yoga postures to clear the mind & connect with your body

* Guided breath-work to release, rejuvenate, strengthen, improve health

* Short meditation to open, connect, and expand awareness

* Delicious lite breakfast to ready you for the day

November 3rd thru 10th

Varanasi is Lord Shiva's city - the embodiment of the Sacred Masculine:


* Welcome circle and intention setting ceremony - meet your brothers!

* Wisdom teachings on tantric philosophy - Shiva, the Sacred Masculine principle of our Universe, and Shakti, the Sacred Feminine principle - and the Divine Union of the two energies - Sacred Sexuality

* Release unhealthy, limited belief systems through ritual, ancestor puja, sound healing and energy healing sessions

* Evening drum circles and ritual to connect with your brothers and with your Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine energies - the God and Goddess within

* Explore various Goddess temples to connect with the transformative, healing power of Sacred Feminine energies - in support of healthier relating with your own inner feminine energies and those in your external world - your relationships!

* Engage in very special and sacred ceremony at Kashi Vishwanath temple - Lord Shiva's most beloved temple

* Release and renewal ritual as we journey by boat out into the sacred Ganga river

* Day trip to Sarnath and Deer Park - sacred location where The Buddha gave his first sermon - honor and celebrate the masculine expression of mind

* Explore the vibrant, thrilling back lanes of Varanasi - endless tiny little shops, vendors and restaurants - an absolute feast for the senses and the heart of Varanasi!

* Journey inward on your downtime, as you self-reflect, work with the teachings, engage in writing reflection, and explore your own process

* Confront your thoughts and fears around mortality as we witness cremations at the sacred burning ghats of Varanasi

* Delight in the mind-boggling sights, sounds, and smells of ancient Varanasi - teeming with life, death, and everything in-between

* Savor delicious Indian cuisine in some of Varanasi's most famous restaurants

A deeply transformative experience.

November 10th thru 17th

Haridwar is one of the most holy cities in India, rich with history, ritual, tradition, and is an important pilgrimage site

* Powerful place of sacred Goddess worship in the form of Ma Gangaji - The Ganga River

* Continued wisdom teachings on Tantra, Sacred Masculine/Feminine, and Sacred Sexuality

* Evening trip to participate in ancient sacred Ganga ritual

* Purification, replenishment, release, rejuvenation in ritual Ganga bathing ceremony at private ghat

* Sky tram to sacred Goddess temple for Sacred Feminine connection and embodiment

* Continued evening drum circles for reflection and connection with your brothers

* Powerful sound and energy healing for spiritual expansion and embodiment

* Personal Sacred Masculine/Sacred Feminine Honoring Ritual

* Continue your personal growth and transformation process with plenty of down-time for self-reflection, journaling, and introspection

* Savor an abundance of perfectly-spiced, traditional Indian cuisine to nourish the body and tantalize the taste-buds

* Closing circle, next steps forward, bringing it all together.

An amazing week of inner transformation and growth.

Day Trips November 14th and 15th

A mecca for spiritual seekers, yogis, and pilgrims:

* Day trip to meditate in the powerful spiritual energies of a sacred yogi cave near Rishikesh - it is said that Jesus himself did yogic practice in this place - a very powerful experience!

* Day trip to explore the famous, exciting streets of Rishikesh - excellent place to enjoy more heavenly Indian dishes, find special souvenirs and treasures to commemorate your journey, snag some amazing books to further your wisdom and learning

* Visit the famous Beatles ashram if you are feeling called to it!

* Soak up all the transformative spiritual energy of sacred Rishikesh - a long-time location of spiritual importance and awakening

You will then be ready to move forward with all of your newfound wisdom, insights, and new direction for your continued awakening!


Support for your journey - before and after:

* You will have support along every step of your journey - and that begins way before we arrive in India!  Suggested reading to prepare you for your journey, on-line group portal to connect with your fellow pilgrims, video connections via Zoom with Sadie to support your process and answer any questions, and practices to make the most of your pilgrimage

* Continued access to community on-line portal for support after your pilgrimage and continued monthly on-line groups to connect with your brothers and discuss your on-going spiritual journey

* Powerful friendships made with your brothers to support you as you journey forth on your path

* Recommendations and suggestions to support your continued growth and empowerment

* Follow-up Empowered Masculine Guidance session with Sadie to check in and offer any additional support

We are all just walking each other home...  ~ Ram Dass



“What words do you choose when an entire new universe has been opened up to you and your life trajectory has been permanently altered for the better?  Prayers for a new path, held for so long, answered."


"All the things I've pushed down for so long, these sessions seem to draw them out of me to deal with and heal.  I am so grateful for you Sadie.  You've literally changed the trajectory of my life through your work: sessions, program and connection. Thank you so much!"


“Working with Sadie created intense, and much needed, change in my life. This is an experience for warriors who are not afraid to hunt at the dark spots inside and let in the light.”

Sadie ~ Lead Guide


Meet Your Guide

Devotion. Expertise. Passion.

Hello and I am so excited that you are here!  I am super passionate about helping men break free from debilitating belief systems and conditioning that has been holding them back from being strong in their power, enjoying healthy, loving, sensual, supportive relationships, and being in alignment with their passion, their creativity, and the truth of their spiritual nature.


I am dedicated to creating powerful containers to support epic transformation and spiritual growth.  I love journeying on this path - moving from our Wounded Feminine and Masculine expressions into our healthy Sacred Feminine and Masculine expressions - and know how important it is to have support and guidance along the journey.  It is my passion to share all I have learned along the way - and to have amazing fun doing it!   My offerings and pilgrimages are filled with so much love, support, and encouragement, and I am dedicated to providing tools and instilling the confidence and courage so that you can move forward in your life with strength and clarity - confident in your ability to navigate this journey towards true love and connection, able to trust your inner guidance and to deeply connect with the true longings of your heart. 


What lights you up and makes your soul sing?  And are you living fully in alignment with that?  If not - let's see what we can do to support you getting there!

It is an absolute pleasure to connect with you.

I can hardly wait to embark on this journey with you!  ~ Sadie

Your Retreat Guides

A Bit About Me



Sacred Feminine | Tantric Practitioner | Medicine Woman | Energy & Sound Healer | Belief-System Buster

As an experienced Medicine Woman, Energy Healer, and Sacred Sexuality Facilitator.  I am passionate about supporting men and women to heal on all levels of their being and to move into a place of wholeness and self-love.  I specialize in bringing greater awareness to unconscious Wounded Masculine and Wounded Feminine patterning, clearing unhealthy belief systems and repression as it relates to our lives, our sexual expression, strengthening healthy Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine qualities, supporting an empowered experience of Sacred Sexuality, and opening us up to deeper connection with our own unique spiritual experience.  My approach is a holistic one - supporting body, mind and spirit.  My mission is to empower men and women on their path of transformation and awakening - and help us to all reconnect to our worthiness, a strong sense of self, and the Divine Love within - so that we may bring that love, strength, and empowerment to all aspects of our lives - but especially to our relationships!  So thrilled that you are here and I can hardly wait for our epic adventure of growth, inspiration, heart-expansion, and connection!


“The benefits of working with Sadie are manifold, no matter the structure, but for anyone who is stuck in their life, or going down, you can’t make a better decision than to commit to working with Sadie and let it take you as far as you can go!"


"Looking back, it was the best investment in myself I have ever made.  The benefit goes well beyond myself but is now reaching all those I love and those my future self will develop relationships with.  I am on a path to be a better, more evolved, version of myself.  How much is that worth? "


“The whole experience was absolutely amazing with so much detail.  Thank you so much for all that you do, you are excellent at it!”

A Day at the Market


You see it all!


What's Included

November 3rd thru 17th

My intention is to make this entire pilgrimage as 'all-inclusive' as possible, meaning all meals in the group are included, if you dine outside of the group daily meals, you will be responsible for those expenses.  Local transportation throughout is included.  All temple entry fees, as well as all daily activity fees are included - as well as all gratuities for planned excursions and meals.  Lodging of course!  And even the flight from Varanasi to Haridwar.  Yay!  You focus on your transformational life-changing pilgrimage - leave the details to me!

Accommodation 16 days/15 nights

Daily Transport to All Activities

Transport from Airport

In-Retreat Airfare from Varanasi to Haridwar
All Healthy & Delicious Meals plus Gratuities
Daily Yoga & Meditation

Daily Guided Breath Work Sessions
Numerous Transformative Wisdom Teachings

Restorative Sound Healing

Ancestor Honoring Ritual

Drum Circles and Guided Drum Meditations
All Sacred Temple Entrance Fees & Donations

Day Trip to Sacred Sarnath - Deer Park
Embodied Movement Sessions

Learn a Full Powerful Morning Practice & Routine

Empowered Masculine Energy Healing Sessions

On-site Masseuse During Certain Days

Sacred Ganga Ritual Excursion

Ganga Bathing

Day Trip to Yogic Master's Cave

Day Trip to Rishikesh (Beatle's Ashram if Desired!)
Tons of Brotherhood & Connection

Pre- and Post- Pilgrimage Support

Follow-Up After Session with Sadie


Lavish Accommodations 

Tantra and Transformation 2024 offers beautiful accommodations in the ancient city of Varanasi – the longest inhabited city on the planet – the perfect place to experience the history and culture of vibrant India.  Enjoy the perfect blend of traditional India and modern luxury in a beautiful private lavish villa.  With masseuse on-site, you can bask in the luxury of a private massage, deeply connecting with your body and your senses.  Personal on-site chefs will prepare all of our scrumptious traditional Indian dishes - made to order.  Does it get any better than this?!


We will enjoy creating sacred space together in a gorgeous, historic hotel in the holy city of Haridwar, reveling in the unique cultural richness of the surrounding region.  Situated right on the sacred Ganga river with access to our very own private bathing ghat.  Take part in evening drum circles and spend a serene afternoon in the beautiful gardens. You will be transported to a different era and feel fully connected to the area's vibrant culture.


Each location provides you with your own private room in support of your personal inner journey – allowing plenty of quiet time for reflection, spiritual practice, meditation, and solitude.  A perfect blend of connection with your brothers and personal space for deeper introspection.


Why This is Your Perfect Next Step...

Through this empowering and transformational journey, you will explore the depths of your inner wisdom and gain clarity and courage to start living more fully in alignment with your passion and your heart.  You will learn how to resolve limiting beliefs, recognize unhealthy patterns, and release constraints that have been holding you back.  By the end of the pilgrimage, you will have greater trust in your inner guidance, a new perspective, and a newfound confidence to pursue your life’s passion and purpose.  You will have a greater ability to embody and exude your Sacred Masculine expressions.


You will feel empowered and so much more connected to a deeper sense of your innate ability to give and receive love - with your body, mind and soul.  All areas of your life will feel the effects of this deep transformational experience ~ reverberating out to touch your relationships, improve your connection with your health and your body, and reignite your passion for life.


Find peace and harmony within as you confidently and courageously move forward in your life, embracing the truth and power of all you are here to be.  Step strongly into your Empowered Sacred Masculine!

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20181125_161815 (2).jpg

Travel Details



You will fly from your location to the Delhi airport, then a short flight to Varanasi airport..

Transportation will be provided from the Varanasi airport to our private luxury villa in Varanasi.

Plan to arrive on November 2nd so that you may have a little time to settle in before our retreat starts on November 3rd - of course, you may want to arrive a day or two earlier, though lodging at the villa will not be available prior to November 2nd, so you will have to make other accommodations.  I will help you to organize all of this!


November 17th is the day of departure.  The nearest airport to fly out of is Dehradun which will take you to a connecting flight in Delhi.  Of course you may want to stay and spend some additional time in India.  We will be near Rishikesh, which is a lovely place to explore.  I am happy to offer suggestions if you are interested in staying longer.


A tourist Visa is required for travel to India.  You may get a paper Visa or E-Visa, which is a relatively easy process.  You can get your Visa up to 6 months in advance of your travel date. 

Indian Tourist Visa

Indian Tourist E-Visa


Travel insurance is highly recommended in the event that you have to cancel for any reason or if anything at all comes up for you during the pilgrimage. 


Once you have reserved your spot in the pilgrimage, a Zoom session will be set up to go over travel details with you and answer any additional questions you might have.  A packing list will also be provided as a general guideline for you.


- Registration Info -

Ready to Embrace the Power of Your Sacred Masculine?

Take the First Step on Your Journey!

​~~~ The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Lao Tzu ~~~


Got more questions?
Check out the FAQ page for additional info!

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